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Welcome to My Own Space.  Let me give you a tour.  Please keep your arms and legs inside the blog at all times.  To read more about Sharon, visit the page called …(wait for it)…About Sharon.  I know.  I’m very helpful.

Who:  I am Sharon Wheatley, author of ‘Til the Fat Girl Sings, a Broadway actress, and mother of two girls.  I married a straight guy who plays the piano and we recently picked up and moved from New York City to San Diego, California to try life on the left coast.

What: This blog is currently on hiatus as I pursue other projects, but the stories here are good and would take you a year to read, so dig in.  Sometimes I wrote about the TV show SMASH, called SMASH FACT OR FICTION. Sometimes I write about Broadway shows from an insiders point of view.  But most of the time I tell stories in cliff hanging blogisodes.  Each post starts with me talking about whatever ridiculous thing happened that day (an audition for a show or maybe how many roaches I’ve executed in the kitchen) and then I continue whatever story I am telling.

How: I write.  You read.  If you want to read one of the stories, pick a title below or in the side bar.  The link will take you to blogisode one and then each blogisode links to the next one.  If you read at work you may experience a decline in productivity.  I apologize in advance.  Leave a comment.  Tell a friend.

Sounds Fun! Now what?: To easily navigate, go to the first blogisode of a story and start there. (Look at the menu and go to “Start Here” in the sidebar).

Beware.  My readers are a little bit addicted, but the Surgeon General says it’s a good and healthy thing.

Have a great time!

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