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A New Vlog!

Hello Blog friends!   It’s been so very long since we’ve last seen each other, in fact, I kind of forget how to even make a post. Isn’t that a sad, state of affairs? Oh technology…always evolving and I was … Continue reading

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An After Theater Vlog with Sharon and Jaaaake

Happy Wednesday and Happy Birthday Beatrix!!!  Jacob and I went to see CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and ended up late-night vlogging in Angus McIndoe.  Grab a snack because we run about 15 minutes in this one, which is … Continue reading

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Post-Sandy-Catch Up Vlog

Hello!  I hope this finds you safe and warm and with power in your house and gas in your car.  We’ve got a lot of power and a little gas in the car, if you are keeping score at home. … Continue reading

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A Vlog and a Short Blog post

Today we have a little blog and a slightly shorter Vlog. My friend Lisa called yesterday and said, “Are you okay? You’ve been noticeably absent.” It’s true, I have. I apologize for saying things like, I’ll blog tomorrow and then … Continue reading

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A Vlog with Sharon and Jake!

Happy Monday! We took my apple computer to an apple orchard and vlogged there.  It’s shorter than the last one, which was too long…Enjoy! Jake and Sharon Vlog! Or try here: Jake and Sharon Vlog: Apple picking! Here is a … Continue reading

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Closing Night VLOG!

Featuring Jacob Brent, Georga Osborne, Dottie Stanley, Joanna Glushak, Allen Kendall, Charlotte and Rob Meffe. Farewell Vermont, and thank you to the Weston Playhouse for a great summer! Follow this highlighted link to the youtube video My blog will start … Continue reading

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A Vlog With Jaaaake!

Happy Wednesday!  Jaaaake and I haven’t seen each other in almost a month and we have a lot of catching up to do.  Join us as we discuss urgent topics such as: 1)  The difference between “head shot ready” and … Continue reading

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It's A Real Estate VLOG with John Wescott (#2)

Good Morning!  We’re kicking off the week with a vlog.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab some cookies and spend 10 minutes with John and I as we muse about potential properties.  Here’s the summary.  Finding the right real … Continue reading

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It's a VLOG! Jaaake and Sharon talk Broadway, Titanic and maybe even do a little dance.

Happy Friday!  Jacob and I finally pulled it together and made a new Vlog!  Enjoy! Click on the link below to access the VLOG feature film (which is not in 3-D.  No special glasses needed.) (Let Me Tell You … Continue reading

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VLOG 3-9-2012

Happy Friday everyone!  Sorry this is a little late.  Our tech staff had a little problem in the editing room.  Also, as you will see, our hair and makeup people did not show up, so we are not head shot … Continue reading

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