SMASH Fact or Fiction? Episodes 9 and 10 A Short Hiatus.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’ve watched episodes 9 and 10 and after much thought I’ve decided to pass on writing about them.  I have them somewhat  written and they are terrible, partially because the episodes themselves were not particularly based on the business side of things, partially because what business stuff was in there was material we’ve already covered, but mostly because as a writer I am uninspired to even get riled up enough to write.

I kind of just feel like,** “Meh.”

**Meh is an interjection, often used as an expression of indifference or boredom. It can also be used as a verb (rendering something uninteresting, boring or useless to the beholder) and an adjective (meaning mediocre, boring, or apathetic).[1] ~Wikipedia


I could write about how completely impossible it would be to add a production number with singing while swinging on silks over an audience.  Especially given how many hours notice?  3?  I mean…how would you possible get the silks strung up in time, let alone rehearse it?

But you guys already know that.

Same for teaching Liza a song with that many words in only a few hours.

Not gonna happen.

But it was sensational to see Bernadette and Liza on TV, wasn’t it?  I just love it.  See them live if you get the chance,  they do not disappoint.

It was more Michael Riedel, more sucking up to the New York Times (both Facts), and then more of Tom-the-composer-turned-terrible-and-incompetent-director doing unbelievable things.  More Jeremy Jordan being a jerk.

Same, same, same.

This is not goodbye, it’s just a hiatus until we have something interesting and new to talk about.

I thank you all for swinging by.


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7 Responses to SMASH Fact or Fiction? Episodes 9 and 10 A Short Hiatus.

  1. Sean says:

    I think it needs to be added that Megan and Bernie's "Hang the Moon" was beautiful. The only part of both episodes that wasn't a snooze!

  2. Miriam says:

    I'm an aerialist and depending on the building that the aerial number was in, it may not have taken that long to rig up the silks and hammock. You probably know which building the number was filmed in and what the rigging point options were, but I never got a good glance so I'm not sure. But rigging in a building with exposed beams or pre-existing rigging points is generally quick and easy. If there's not exposed beams or pre-existing rigging points, some engineering work is required and it couldn't be done in 3 hours.

    The aerialists could probably have done their number in the amount of time they had because it would presumably have been a modification of a pre-existing group choreography. What they did wasn't simple, but it was… ordinary advanced if that makes sense. Ana could never have learned the hammock work she did in that amount of time, though, unless she was already a trained aerialist. However, she didn't really look like a trained aerialist. Krysta did a good job with what she was given, but she didn't have the raw strength that aerialists develop. I don't sing–and I CERTAINLY don't sing while performing aerial routines–so I don't know how much singing would be complicated by the choreography.

    I loved seeing the number, though. I like it any time aerial arts make it on screen since that increases the chances someone will want to book me or take a class. :)

  3. Iris says:

    I actually kinda liked Saturdays episode, aside from some fiction bits, obviously. But I do actually care about Tom and Ivy, so it was nice to see him not being a jerk anymore. Still don't care about Hitlist or Karen and Jeremy. But I enjoyed Julia's storyline helping to fix the book for hotlist, working with what's his name.
    And I need to mention this because I complained about random pop songs so much in the past. I loved that they had Megan sing Bittersweet Symphony, which was beautiful, but just played it as background music rather then staging a huge, random, silly number.
    The Monday episode… Meh.

  4. Cathy says:

    Sharon, I totally support you in this and your move sounds far, far more exciting and should take precedence! The only interesting thing I saw in terms of your blog (besides Liza) was the ghost light. Happy planning and happy moving!

  5. Linda S. in PA says:

    I agree…meh! Jeremy Jordan is a great singer, but his pouty, bad boy routine is kind of annoying! And the aerial part was a great song but very similar to Pink's number "Glitter In the Air" at the Grammy's two years ago (which was awesome btw!!!)
    Sharon – I am soooooo missing your wonderful 'everyday in the Meffe household' stories!! Good luck on your move to CA ~ which makes me very curious!!!!

  6. Chad says:

    Sharon, I'm a long time reader, although I'm sad you decided to have a short hiatus, I understand it completely. However, Episode 11 was nice, especially it has a few lines that feel like responding directly to you! :) (call from agent, can't do a new song just like that etc). I really hope to see how you feel about that episode!

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