A Vlog and a Short Blog post

Today we have a little blog and a slightly shorter Vlog.

My friend Lisa called yesterday and said, “Are you okay? You’ve been noticeably absent.” It’s true, I have. I apologize for saying things like, I’ll blog tomorrow and then not doing it. I have no excuses, I only have a rule that I try to honor which is that I will only sit down and write when I want to. Perhaps it’s because I have deadlines as a job for another website…oh work, work, work.  That neccssary evil.  I’m spending a lot of time pounding the pavement for my Next Big Gig.  I’ve also been reading a lot and suddenly have the overwhelming urge to write another book.

Urge is different than started.

But, for you long-time readers of this blog you might remember that way back in June of 2011 I talked about one of the reasons I started this blog was because I was stuck on page 125 of a book I’ve been working on. It was flowing like buttah and then the flow stopped faster than you can say dehydrated. Nothing. Nada. So, if the impulse has finally returned to get back to that book, I am going to seize it.

But again, urge is different than started, although my friend Lisa, the one and the same from above, found a beautiful place for me to write because I am craving is solitary confinement. Just to clarify–not Jerry Sandusky solitary confinement, just alone in a beautiful place with a computer and an idea, then home to my kids. Got it?

Okay, let’s cover a few things and tie up some loose threads. This is a potpourri post.

1) Last week I saw two high profile invited dress rehearsals and I want to write about them but I need permission. More on that as soon as I can get it but I will hint that the one of them sings like buttah.

2) Let’s talk about the Slow Cook Sunday post. If I am being brutally honest I thought that post was an epic fail. Okay, and then just when I’d completely given up on it and was hosting my own pity party in the corner because there is nothing that will point out how much you don’t know who to do something faster than trying to learn to do it, my long-time friend and blog reader Stefani sends me a beautiful text about how inspired she is by me trying to cook, and now SHE’S trying to cook and she has a new baby and the baby will eat better and be healthier and on and on proving that so often I don’t know what I’m talking about.

So who knows.  Maybe I’ll keep going.  I can tell you Brian’s Tuscan soup is delicious, Creason’s pork roast and the cuban sandwiches were enjoyed all week and the Weight Watchers Mexican casserole that I doctored was….not perfect….but we ate it.  It was really ugly (seriously, it looked like baby poop) but we ate it.

For now, let’s have a little VLOG with Jacob and I’ll talk about all of this in some more detail!

Here’s the commercial for My Life Is A Lifetime Movie:




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  1. Linda S in PA says:

    It is not just Babs and John W. who are watching – I am too!! I LOVE watching you and Jaaaaake on a vlog!! Break a leg on all your upcoming auditions!! Those of us who are 'hooked' on your blog are willing to wait until the "spirit moves you" to write!

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