Weight Watchers Blog (and a small update).

Beatrix and my Dad looking at nature instead of politics.

Beatrix and my Dad looking at nature instead of politics.

It’s intermission so I have to write quickly!  As I type this I am looking at a table full of delectable bakery items brought to the show by Tzeitel’s (Emma Rosenthal) mother who is thinking about opening a baking business and decided to use us as guinea pigs.  We are happily pigging out, so thank you to Leslie Milton! Open a business and ship this deliciousness out!  I’ve had two large bites and am the person who keeps saying, “Hey, can I have a bite of that?”  I’m annoying.  It’s fun for me.

If Leslie is looking for votes, my bite per bite analysis says that the chocolate brownies with chunks of caramel and sea salt are the clear winners.  My waist line is not.  At least I ran to the theater before the matinee and then I am running to my friend Stuart’s house for a cook out between shows.  That’s me.  I run everywhere like Forrest Gump.  Well, a Forrest Gump who stops long enough to beg for bites of brownies. Leslie, can I place an order of just bites?

In other news, my Mom and Dad are coming to Vermont on Saturday despite my mother having occasional attacks of pain and gastric distress.  The doctors still think it has to with the chemo-type shot she was getting, so we aren’t worried.  That said, it totally sucks for her and all prayers for a safe and pain free trip would be welcome. While you are at it you should probably say a prayer for my father who will have to go an entire week without Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.  And pray for all of us because we will have to endure his detox, which old blog readers will remember as de”fox”.

And if the stars are really in alignment, he’ll see a moose, which is the goal of the trip.

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