Weight Watchers blogs (2 of them!) and an announcement!



Hello friends!

As I write I am sitting in the green room waiting for my next entrance in The Fiddler On the Roof.  Tonight is opening night!  This will be a quick catchup.

Things in Vermont are great.  The weather is good, we are all having fun and I have BREAKING NEWS.  If you don’t know me, this won’t be a big deal.  If you know me, you should be very impressed by what I am about to tell you.


It is not that Rob bought me a dog.  No.  It is not that because if that were the case, you would look out your window and see a pig fly by.  But it’s pretty good.




Like, for real.  Let me give you highlights.

1) My mother’s from-scratch all day long spaghetti sauce and meatballs.

2)  Roasted turkey (as in, the whole turkey.  As in, like Thanksgiving.  We never eat a “turkey dinner” instead, we slice it up, and use it for sandwiches and salads.)

3)  Pumpkin, zucchini and banana bread.

4)  My sister-in-law Liz’s Minestrone soup (so totally delicious).

5)  Edamame salad

6)  Broccoli salad

7) Rob’s Grandmother’s chicken soup.

So what do we do with all this food?  We make it on one day, freeze half and then eat it for a couple of weeks until we need to re-stock.  It’s been really fun and delicious and Rob (if you are reading this), I know how surprised you are that I’ve suddenly started cooking after 21 years BUT this cooking will only continue if there is a Golden Retriever puppy delivered asap.  Slightly redish coat and a bushy tail, please.  Named Stella.


You’re back to Dinty Moore Stew in a can.

Thank you.

Here’s the Weight Watcher’s Blog.  This link will get you to both, so scroll down to see both entries once you get there.





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  1. Jen DeRosa says:

    I would love to know how to make the Edamame salad! You guys are so hilarious… the Dinty Moore stew made me laugh very hard.

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