Weight Watchers Blog (Part Two–More about Quisisana)

Northshire Bookstore

Northshire Bookstore

Hello friends!  I am writing from the adorable and airconditioned and wi-fi filled Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont.  If you ever nearby, come here.  It’s the bookstore of all bookstores.  Makes me want to flush my Nook down the toilet and buy every book here for the rest of my life. Need to order a book?  Go here!  http://www.northshire.com/

Guess what I just did?  I bought SHORTS.  I don’t wear shorts.  I think I look….pretty good in them. ???  Maybe all this gym work/running/hiking is starting to pay off.

Summer is great, I’m happy, hope you all are too.  PS, keep my Mom in your prayers, she’s having some el-crappo (literally) reaction to a chemo-type shot she gets once a month and it’s plagued her for over a week now.

Now I’m off to go hiking with Rupert McFee (aka Rob Meffe).

Here’s the link to Weight Watchers:


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  1. Tracy says:

    Congrats on the new shorts! I just rediscovered them as well. (I also discovered that my 54-year-old knees aren't as cute as they were a decade ago.)

    Good thoughts and prayers to your mom. :)

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