Weight Watchers #5 (Magical Thinking or Optimism Part Two)

Happy Thursday!  I’m a little late getting this post up because the Weight Watcher server is still refusing to allow me to post.  Then when they finally posted for me–guess what?  My blog was too long.  Shocking, I know.  There is a 4,000 character limit (this includes spaces) and don’t ya know that I almost always go over.  It’s not 4,000 words, it’s 4,000 letters and spaces, which immediately makes me nervous before I even start.

It’s kind of like when I tweet–I can’t possibly keep those tweets short enough, so I don’t even want to try.  I remember when Weight Watchers said my posts had to be at least 500 words, and I’m thinking, I write 1,500-2,000 words everyday.  How will I keep this contained?  And I can only post one picture?

But anyway, here it is.  It’s way too personal, but I suppose that is what I signed on for.  Here’s the link:  Magical Thinking or Optimism Part Two

Thanks for reading, ya’ll.

See you Monday!  Hopefully I’ll have another real estate blog or vlog for you.  That’s the plan, Stans.


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