Weight Watchers #3

A little token

A little token

Happy Friday!  You asked for it and you got it–here is my latest WW blog post.  I think you’ll find that it sounds a lot like…well…you know…this My Own Space blog….because it’s me….and I’m not going to sit around and talk about the number of “points” in an apple (P.S. apples have 0 points value on WW.  That’s a little pointer for you.)

Anyhoo, read, enjoy, eat an apple, enjoy the nice weather, and see you Monday.



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  1. Marsha Jordan says:

    I have become a fan. I started by reading your Smash blog. Then I bought your book for my Nook. I loved it and found myself reading passages from it to my husband who enjoyed it as much as I did. And now, as a lapsed WW, I am very happy to follow your WW progress.

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