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I took this picture in October knowing (hoping, praying) it would be my "before" picture.  20 pounds down.  A bunch to go.

I took this picture in October knowing (hoping, praying) it would be my "before" picture. 20 pounds down since this picture. A bunch to go.

It’s up! This has been a real lesson in gentle persistence and patience, seeing that we’ve been in talks since November.  I’m so thrilled it worked and as always, grateful to my friend Georga who talked me into going (more about her soon) and my old Les Miz cohort Pauline Frommer who got me set up on this gig.  Read her blog about travel, it’s great.

Here’s the deal.  The blogs are available to everyone, meaning, you do NOT have to be a registered user to read it.  If you want to leave a comment or follow me at Weight Watchers you do have to register, which is free.  If you are a Weight Watchers member it is part of your package and just search my name and then “like” it.

By the way, you might recognize some of this post if you are a long time reader of my blog, but they will be all new soon.

I’ll be writing 2-3 posts a week (and this is the only time I will send out an e-mail about it unless a lot of you request that I do send it out every time because it’s easier) SO, could you do me a big favor and hit “follow” or leave a comment or something so that Weight Watchers folks know I have some traffic?  You’re all so good to me.

Here it is:

A Work In Progress

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4 Responses to Weight Watchers Blog!

  1. nkirchmar says:

    Liked and done! Brava Sharon, Brava!

  2. Mimi P Louiso says:

    A true Diva! Again, I live in awe of you songbird. Best wishes with Weight Watchers- you may inspire me to go….

  3. Kathy Schwartz says:

    This couldn't come at a more perfect time – just returned from my first meeting today. I'll be following and sent your link to my group as well. Congrats!!

  4. Aunt Barbie says:

    Oh yes!! I want to get the blog but I cant find a "FOLLOW" button.
    This is so very good and I don't want to miss a single word.
    Love, Aunt Barbie

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