Follow the arrow to find the child that needs to go to sleep.

Follow the arrow to find the child that needs to go to sleep.

Oh my gosh HELLO and Happy Friday.

I am back in my normal position at the foot of Beatrix’s bed in the pitch black, waiting for Beazer to fall asleep.  It feels like pre-SMASH blogging around here.  To give you an idea of what that SMASH blog did, I will tell you that my numbers jumped from just over 4,000 views in the month October of 2011 to just over 54,000 views in the month April of 2012, and May is on track to easily pass the April numbers.  I mean….isn’t that bonkers?  That’s like a 3597% increase (I have no idea, I just made that % up).  Maybe that Pioneer Woman blog gets a bajillion hits in a year, but I’m proud of my own space numbers.

And…it proves my point that everyone should continue taking classes as adults, because the truth is, boiled all down, my SMASH blog is nothing more than a theater class.  For the record, everyone who read it got an A and moved on to sophomore year.  Congratulations.

Don’t you think NBC should hire me to write FACT OR FICTION for their SMASH website next year?  Let me just put it out there now:  It’s for sale.  If you are an editor of a magazine, or you work at NBC, I’m selling if you’re buying.

But enough panhandling.  Let’s get some business out of the way.

1)  My mother is doing great.  She is driving to work now, and has bumped up her hours from 4 hours a day to 6 hours a day…..although she just told me that she worked 8 hours today, and then got a massage, and then came home and dug the holes to plant her tomatoes. And then, she said, “I had to come in and lie down”

Really, Mom?  But you still had a marathon to run.  Wimp.

That’s my mother.  She’s feeling better.  If I were a person who used those smiley face icons, I’d use one now.  Instead, just imagine me smiling.

What else?  oh!

2) My Weight Watchers blog STILL isn’t up, but they swear that it’s coming.  The check is cashed, so it’s sure to start

J-Hud has her blog up and running, but mine is still delayed.

J-Hud has her blog up and running, but mine is still delayed.

soon, right?  Right. You’ll be the first to know.

3)  Speaking of Weight Watchers, a friend (Lisa) called me a “gym rat” today and I’ve never been more proud.  I joined one of the nicest gyms in New York (Equinox) for 6 weeks to get a jump start before heading off to Vermont, and I love it.  I’m there constantly.  So far I haven’t lost a pound, but I feel fantastic.

4)  OH!  I can officially announce that I will be in Vermont this summer (since I just gave that away in the post above) and will be doing THE FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at The Weston Playhouse.  Yes, the same theater where I did FORUM and wrote about Rob’s Pancreas, for all you old timers out there.  Want to know something great?  Rob is music directing.  Want to know something else?  Jacob Brent (Jaaaake from VLOG fame and my gay husband) is choreographing.  Want to know something ELSE?

Drum role.

She's playing Ima Talldrinkofwater

She's playing Ima Talldrinkofwater

Charlotte Meffe is also IN the show.  She’s playing one of the younger daughters (I forget which one.  Sanka?  Shrilanka?  Shrillandtanka?  ShirleyJonesandPaulAnka?).  At a whopping 5’6 she is sure to be the tallest IamDrawingABlanka daughter since the Globe Trotters put on a production of FIDDLER.  I am Yenta.  I know–it’s a shock–I play someone bossy who likes to make a deal.

5)  I am starting a new project for this blog next week and it’s going to be a little apartment hunting blog and vlog with my soon-to-be-bestie and current-real estate agent, John Wescott.  Seriously.  Who isn’t fascinated by New York City real estate?  You WILL NOT BELIEVE how expensive it is.  WILL NOT BELIEVE IT.  But, that said, this lady is out to get a deal in the city that never sleeps.  Can I do it?  Tune in to find out.  Way too many details coming (my husband is already nervous).  All I want is a yard to plant tomatoes and let the dog run around (and a dog for the yard) and a fireplace and a washer and dryer and a dishwasher and charm and a great neighborhood and an office and great schools all convenient to everything.  I mean……it’s reasonable.  Oh, and I want stairs because I love the idea of two floors.  Okay?  Okay.  I should be able to nail this down in a week.  No-problem-o.

6)  We will get back to Broadway West next week.  We really will.  I swear Megan and Mark, I swear.

7)  AVENUE ZOO continues to run at the Bronx Zoo and we were EXTENDED through Labor Day!  Get your tickets

Bobby Lopez and fam were in the house!

Bobby Lopez and fam were in the house!

now!  We’re selling out (that’s a total lie, we don’t even sell tickets, but it sounds good.  You can get discounted tickets to the Zoo on the Bronx Zoo website).  The show is at 12:30 and 2:30 pm Saturdays and Sundays, and then starts Thurs-Sun in July.  Beatrix Meffe is a groupie.  Seriously, addicted.  The good news is that she has learned the days of the week and knows how to count down to Saturday.  The bad news is that she now knows when it’s Saturday.

Man, have we seen that show a lot.

8)  Kristin Chenoweth continues her concert tour and the section I worked on is still in.  Go to her website to see if she is coming to a town near you.  She’s at City Center in New York on June 2nd, and I can’t wait to see the whole show!

That’s it, folks!  New real estate blogs and vlogs coming, and we get back to Broadway West in full force.  More “Let Me Tell You What I Liked About” posts.  Weight Watchers will start.

Thanks for reading!


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