Brown Eyed Girl (Blogisode Six)

(Sing it with me) "Reunited, and it feels so good...."

Happy Friday! Here I am, in New York and back on my regular A train commute/study hall, getting my work done. This blogisode is brought to you by Deloitte and Touche; the company and I am working for today. Before you get all excited and think I’ve become a money wiz, allow me to explain that I am casting an “in-house industrial” which is a training film they use for their employees. I am looking for 6 actors and actresses to do short films about the inner workings of Deloitte. If I say any more I might get in trouble for something (I don’t know what) so I will stop talking. Mum’s the word.

Speaking of Mum, let’s have a quick catch up of MJ’s progress, shall we? Our favorite Brown Eyed girl is doing well, which I know only because I get a lot of text messages from her and my sister. I had to leave yesterday to do this Deloitte gig (must pay the rent!) and also to see my sweet babies (and Rob) who have suffered a long 12 days without me. And by “suffered” I mean they had a blast with their babysitters Ally Bo and Theresa and with Daddy. They were great. I did come home with a suitcase of presents for the newly minted 14-year-old (the kids are now Fourteen and Four! Remember when this whole blog business started with a little story called Thirteen and Three? It still might be my favorite story ever, but of course the subject matters are near and dear to my heart.)

Anyhoo, we reunited, had some delicious Chinese food (I don’t think I’d eaten a vegetable in 12 days besides salad)

Native New Yorker with her "trainer" chop sticks.  Cute.

Native New Yorker with her "trainer" chop sticks. Cute.

and then came home to cake and presents. It was great. I’d wrapped all the presents in Mom’s hospital room (with her tape, scissors and wrapping paper from home) while she watched. You might wonder why I bothered to do all of that work at the hospital rather than at her house, but honestly it made more sense to do it there. I was really only at my parent’s house to sleep. It was also fun to show Mom everything I’d purchased–which was way too much, by the way, fueled by guilt for being away from Charlotte on her actual birthday. At one point she asked me when I was coming home and I said, “Soon, but you should know that the longer I am away, the more presents you get.” She told me not to hurry. Beatrix even scored some paper dolls and a duck necklace. Rob got my two helping hands after managing all of this by himself for so long. I think Rob might be the happiest of the three that I am home.

I bought Charlotte clothes, mostly, because she is growing like a weed and roughly the size of a giraffe. In fact, if they made a line of clothing for giraffes, that would be the way to go for my lanky, beautiful girl. Here is a picture of her with her favorite princess.

Fourteen and Four

Fourteen and Four

We took pictures of everything and sent it to Mom in her hospital room. She sent me back pictures of she and Susan on their phones, texting with me.  Yes, I was texting with both of them at the same time.  Maybe I am having a little withdrawl issue?  Maybe?

The first photo allowed from the hospital.  Doesn't she look good?  She makes a face when I say that.

The first photo allowed from the hospital. Doesn't she look good? She makes a face when I say that.

Susan, texting, probably to me. Please note that her thumbs are out of the gloves for texting and email ease. Illegal.

If you are wondering why Susan is in a gown and gloves and a mask, I can explain that. The gown and gloves are because Mom was placed in isolation for a virus called c diff. I am sure there is a fancier name than that, but that is as much as I know, but I can tell you that it is a bout of vicious diarreah that is contagious. Usually you’d find it in a nursing home, but I guess you get placed in isolation for c diff in a hospital if you get the poops at all. Mom has been in isolation for c diff twice–and was negative both times–and really…….even I could have told you the whole endless pooping thing is just because her colon is so mad. No one really acknowledges my Goggle medical degree at the hospital (what? the nerve!) so into isolation she goes. It’s not a big deal, really, just kind of a pain.

The latest. She is negative for c diff and positive for a furious colon based on a test and a CAT scan. They started her on another kind of antibiotics, she is still getting IV food, and…

And that’s where I left off writing over 12 hours ago.  It is now 12:32 am, everyone is in bed and I am heading off to bed soon, which will make this a shorter blog than usual.  My casting went well, Charlotte’s show was great, she was adorable, and by the time I got home I wanted to sit on the couch and talk to Rob.  In the past 2 weeks I haven’t had much time to talk to Rob at all, and it was important.  Of course we spent 45 minutes looking at our schedules and 15 minutes talking, but we’ll take what we can get.  The latest on my Mom is that while she had a good morning and it was looking like today (Friday) or tomorrow as a possible release, she had some set backs in the afternoon and now we are back to not knowing when she’ll get out.

Maybe I’ll just jump in the brand new car and take it for a spin… Cincinnati.  Beaz is on spring break from tomorrow until April 16th (can you BELIEVE how long that spring break is?  She’s going to get so bored!) so who knows what I’ll do.  All I know is that Brown Eyed Girl is still in the hospital and I need you to all think calming, soothing thoughts for that furious colon.  Maybe the subtitle of this story is Brown Eyed Girl (Don’t F$%& With the Colon).

Hopefully by Monday and will be able to report that she’s home.  Fingers crossed.

(Brown Eyed Girl returns Monday.  Same time, same place.)

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