VLOG 3-9-2012

Happy Friday everyone!  Sorry this is a little late.  Our tech staff had a little problem in the editing room.  Also, as you will see, our hair and makeup people did not show up, so we are not head shot ready.

But still….here’s a little Jake and Sharon for your viewing pleasure.  Somehow I did a little creative editing and lost part of my vlog, so just to fill in the blanks, we are filming at World Wide Plaza and it is a wee bit windy.

Also, the essential information about my Mom is that she has some kind of carsino-blah-blah tumors (that is the official Latin term) in her small intestine and they have to go in and take them out.  Because it is contained to her intestine, she will not have to do any chemo or anything even if they are malignant.  So that’s the good news.  More on that and other things in this Vlog.

Also, further details about my AVENUE ZOO project, and details on burritos.  Grab a margarita and watch the link below!

VLOG 3-9-2012

(Join me Monday as I talk about this weekend!  Same time, same place!)


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