A Daily Dose 3/7/2012 Just a quick note with some information

It's all about Mary Jo.

It's all about Mary Jo.

Happy Wednesday!

So here’s what’s happening.  It turns out that my Mom has to have surgery.  Nothing horrible, but serious enough that I have to fly to Cincinnati for a week.

Here is the plan, Stan.  Tomorrow I will publish a SMASH Fact or fiction blog.  I will not publish another blog until Monday, March 12th and that will be full of fun and exciting information and will come to you d-i-r-e-c-t-l-t-y from my Mom’s hospital room.  She’s given me the a-ok to tell you what is going on with her, but let’s wait to start the story until we know a little more about what we are dealing with.  I will tell you that back in blogisode one or two of the recent car blog, I dropped a teaser that someone had gone to the emergency room but I never followed up on it.  It was my Mom.  I will explain on Monday what happened.

I will give you one piece new, Mom met with the anesthesiologist today and she sent out an e-mail with breaking news that said: “I will not be awake during surgery.”

Well that’s a relief.

Oh, and one more thing.  The kids and Rob are not coming with me, so feel free to check in on them or offer to take the kids to see The Lorax or anything like that.  I’m sure he would love the help and the company, although quite frankly, Rob runs the house better than I do.  And that isn’t something I am saying to be nice.  It’s actually true.

Oh, and one more one more thing.  Everyone keep Charlotte in your thoughts on Sunday because she is being confirmed at The Actors’ Chapel.  That’s Catholic lingo for becoming an adult in the Catholic church.  Sorta kinda like a Bat Mitzvah but about $50,000 cheaper because Catholics just go to brunch to celebrate and the kid gets a cross and a bible.  Which, if you think of it, is kind of religious robbery if you are 13-years-old and go to school on the Upper West Side on Manhattan.  She’s so cheated compared to her friends.  Maybe she can order the scrambled eggs AND the french toast at the Diner.  Live it up, kid.   (and yes, I’m missing it–but in a funny twist of fate, my sister is coming up from Cincinnati to be her sponsor.  I know.  I’m there and she’s here.  We are finally doing the Freaky Friday we’ve always dreamed of.)

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print.  Keep my Mom in your prayers.

Thanks ya’ll.

(SMASH Fact or fiction appears tomorrow!  Dust of your buzzers.  Winners get a car!)



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  1. Linda S. says:

    Freaky Friday with your sister…hmmm…that would be interesting!! Best of luck to your Mom and I'm sure your blog will be as funny as when your husband was in the hospital!! I just LOVE reading your stories and watching you and Jaaaake on Fridays – oh, no video post this week :- Keep up the great and entertaining stories and I will look forward to Monday's post!!!

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