A Daily Dose Epilogue and Other Musings

My office today.

My office today.

(To start at the beginning of this four-part Daily Dose, go here.)  Happy Friday! This epilogue is brought to you by the A train. I am on my way downtown for a couple of meetings. Bear with me as I try to type on a speeding subway car. We’re at 175th street now; don’t let me miss my stop at 59th or I’m in trouble.

So let’s talk for a second about the three Daily Doses I wrote this week, because so many people read them that it is making me rethink the whole style of my blog. Seriously, you guys, my numbers doubled and continued to increase  over the three days.  It was crazy–but I have to tell you, that kind of traffic stops a girl short on the curb (even this jay-walking girl).

Maybe the stories in this blog need to be more current and shorter? I mean….they are really fun and easy for me to write, and people seem to like the immediacy of what I am doing in a slice of life, frantic, kind of way.  Look.  It’s fine if you all want to laugh at me because I run (and drive) around the city like a chicken with my head cut off.  I know that.  I embrace that.  So what I am thinking is this.  We are at a natural stopping point for Broadway West.  Let’s take a little break from that story (not forever–don’t go nuts on me–just for a couple of weeks) and let me do this crazy “life” writing for a while.  Because the truth is–and you all know how I feel about this–at the end of the day I am going to do what I want because this is the one and only space in my world where I get to totally call the shots.  And if I am being super-duper-totally honest……..I need a little break from writing blogisodes.  Not forever, just a little break.

So we’ll do these fun slice of life Daily Doses, okay?  Okay.  Just til we’re tired of these and then we’ll go back or do something else that seems fun in the moment.

Group hug.

Moving on.

The length of yesterday's blog post.

The length of yesterday's blog post.

So there is one thing I forgot to tell all of you as I was writing about Beatrix’s birthday because I was in such a rush to finish. By the by, I finally went to bed at 2am last night and we finally wrapped at about 2100 words.  That’s long.  Too long.  This post–no matter what–will be shorter.

So here it is–a postlude to the previous Daily Dose, because for what ever reason it seems urgent that you know this little tidbit.

Go back in the story and remember the part about the preschool birthday party. I’ll help you…germs, Silkwood shower, lice, got it? Here’s the part I forgot to tell you. Before the party started, Dom and Marlene and I watched Beatrix’s class do “Circle Time” where the teacher reads a story and talks about what season it is and what day it is, and what the weather is like, that kind of thing, you get the drill. There is a lot I could say about Circle Time, and I am guessing Marlene and Dom might weigh in here as well, because it was seriously one of the most miserable experiences ever–just so, so, so boiling hot, and we had to sit on those tiny preschool chairs, and the kids were sick and basically licking each other and spreading germs, and the lice were out, and it seemed endless (right Marlene, or are you much nicer than me and just loved it?  But, seriously, you stood through the whole thing.  MIS-ER-A-BLE)

Anyhoo, enough complaining, let me tell you my big discovery during Circle Time.

Beatrix has a friend she talks about all the time named Natalia. During Circle Time, while all the teachers were asking questions like, “In the winter time, what do you wear on your head?” And I think,  “Lice protectant”but the kids are yelling “HAT” and “EARMUFFS”, Natalia and Beatrix are at the back of the circle…..talking. And laughing. And clowning around. And NOT answering the teacher.

Uh oh.  My kid is the class clown.

I know what you are thinking, and you just take it back.  It is not my fault.  Rob Meffe is the class clown.  She inherited it from him.


He’s Jesus.

I’m a class clown.  I’m a BLOG clown.

She got it from me.

It’s as genetically contagious as lice in a preschool.

Goof ball?  Or is this just a stage?

Goof ball? Or is this just a stage?

Let me tell you what, after 13 years of raising Charlotte Meffe, the kid who sits in the front of class and waves her hand to answer every question, the kid who wants to go to an all-girls private school mainly because it is “Quiet!!” and “People actually do their homework during lunch!!” Rob and I are in for a rude awakening with this kid.

Oh no!  I’m at 72nd street, for those of you keeping score at home, but this is an express train so I have to pack up, because my stop (59th) is next and I’ve got a zillion things to do today, which I’ll tell you about on Monday.  Or, we might have a guest blogger, Jacob Brent, who said he would join me next week to discuss the finer points of being “headshot ready”.  He’ll probably want to throw my clogs in the trash.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday.



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  1. David Cleveland says:

    Yesssss, she's baaaaaaaack!! (Just to put things in perspective w the driving thing, I came down from NH in the 70's to visit my friend at the Conde Nast building. I thought, cool, plenty of parking spaces right there in front of the building. I'll just go up and say hi. 6 hours later and 300 bucks less rich i was hauling my car out of impound. I kneel before the parking goddess of NYC.)

  2. nkirchmar says:

    I did forget to post this am…

    I fear change. But, change is good… So I will embrace this change. Actually, I love the daily antics!!

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