No blogisode (but a good teaser)

Be kind to yourself.  All they had on the Little ouse Christmas tree was popcorn and they were thrilled with an orange as a present.  But even so, Ma and Pa were stressed out.

All they had on the Little House Christmas tree was popcorn and the kids were thrilled with an orange as a present. But even so, Ma and Pa were stressed out.

Happy Friday!  Christmas is almost here–at least that is what the retail gurus want you to think.  In reality, there are still 8 days until Christmas and 4 days until Hanukkah starts.  It’s plenty of time.  Ma and Pa Ingalls didn’t even have anything for the kids  until Mr. Edwards showed up during a blizzard on Christmas Eve, so hey, don’t feel so far behind.  People are struggling to keep their heads above water, and I know this because my trusty Facebook feed was full of Christmas time crabbiness today.

What is it about this time of year that makes people so bonkers?  Is it because so often the burden falls on one person to do all she shopping/wrapping/baking?  Is it because money is tight?  Is it a more deep seated sadness about missing people we’ve lost?  Is the entire holiday season a mirror reflecting back to us what we REALLY want (more money ?   A spouse to celebrate with?  Kids we can take to see Santa? A bigger house to decorate?  That perfect job?)

Or, have we all become steeped in a tradition that is so over loaded with nostalgia that we can’t even see straight any more.  Are our expectations to high?  Were our parents this stressed out?  Our grandparents?

Yes.  I think they were.

I think we all just have to take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and admit that we’ve created this craziness…….and then stop complaining about it.  Today Charlotte and I made a pact that we were going to fell Christmas-y and joyful and to seal the pact, we had a holiday high five.  Go away Grinches, Charlotte and I are decking the halls.

On to the blogisode……but wait.  No blogisode today.  I’m so sorry.

Okay, now I have some exciting news.  We are going to have a very special guest blogger for Monday’s blogisode who will weigh in with their version of the evnts that transpired in Singapore.  This blogger is worth the wait, I promise.

But for now, take a deep breath, grab a cup of something strong, and wrap some presents with the time you would have used reading my blogisode.  This my way of helping you get one more thing crossed off your list.

I appreciate all of you.  Thank you for being such great and loyal readers.

Ho, ho, ho



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