The Daily Dose (December 15, 2011) The blogisode you have all been waiting for…

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means, it’s time for my handy dandy guest blogger and daughter, Charlotte.  Today she is going to talk you through the ins and outs of being an eighth grader in Manhattan.  And YOU thought YOUR eighth grade was bad.  Just wait.  Here’s Charlotte!


I know this is the Daily Dose you have all been waiting for….


The BORING high school application Blogisode!


(Cricket Cricket)


I know, I know. I had NOTHING else to write about (Other than day to day things) so I (my mom) thought of writing about high schools.I can tell you this. I’m soo sorry, but we are going to have to do a little math.

A mere example

A mere example

Please do:

The drama of 8th grade + college application(ish) + New York city = My life

Weird huh?

So, lets get to the basics.

There are 3 ‘different kinds’ of schools and you submit a different application for all of them. Private, (Rich-y schools) Public (Poor-ish schools, all depends on the school), and the specialized schools. Before we explain even what I’m talking about, lets dig deeper:

1) Private Schools

Who I'm suppost to be in high school

Who I'm hoping to be in high school

I’m only looking at one, and it is my top choice. Shout out for the Ursuline School!! It is an all girl, catholic school in Westchester, County NY. Cool right? Not a boarding school, but not a slum school. Making sense?

The private schools have NOTHING to do with the NYC application process. They are on their own. I take a separate test, interview, etc, etc.


2) Public Schools

Not my favorite schools in the country, I’d much rather go to Ursuline than Beacon (a really good public school, but it’s crazy hard to get in) but I’ve had my eye on a public school you have to test and interview for.

The Bard High school Early College. I passed the test and had the interview But Bard is one of the only public schools that you have to test into. Most you just have an interview, they look at your grades, bing bang boom done. Of course, I like the hardest school to get into (other than Beacon).


WAKE UP Sorry I put you to sleep!!!   ;)    One more…


3) Specialized Schools.

So you know the SAT? That horrid thing you worked on and worked on? Well, I do just that, but in the 8th grade too.

It’s called the SHSAT.

Short for (Why do I know this with out Google?) Specialized High School Admissions Test.

This gets me into Bronx science, Lehman, Brooklyn Tech, etc. My first choice is Bronx Science.

One more thing, everything to get into one of these schools is based on the SHSAT. No other grades, interviews, no 2nd chance.

No pressure. None.


OK Done. You can wake up now.

Hope you learned more about my crazed life, I may talk about what it’s like in the next blogisode, so keep in touch!

The Teen

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  1. Love this! I learned so much AND it was funny :) Charlotte, seems to be that you are taking after your mom in the writing dept… Lucky duck. Love you!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    It is so interesting to think about all of those options because who you would be at the end of each high school experience would be a different girl from the others. I can't decide which one to hope for. Thanks for blogging again, Charlotte!

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