The Daily Dose (December 1, 2011)

Hello everyone!!

It’s Charlotte!

Sorry I didn’t blog last Thursday, I was in a car for 6 hours to go to my grandparents house in Greensburg, PA. Then, as we all did, I stuffed myself with turkey and mashed potatoes. Yummy.

Anyways, I have a little story to tell, following the steps of my mom. Welcome to child theater!! (So sorry if you are already bored). SOOOO…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. We are doing The Drowsy Chaperone at my school!!! I know, most of you are going, HUH?? What is that? It is that show, you know, that used to be on Broadway? Ok never mind… So, for those of you not asleep, I GOT A MAIN PART IN IT!!!!

Oh ya.

Watch out Broadway, here I come!! (HAHAHA kidding) My mother just laughed out loud.

Moving on! So, ya, I’m the main character’s mother, who is sorta… kinda… crazy. PERFECT ROLE I KNOW!!

Ever since I knew we were doing it at my school, I have wanted to be this role, Mrs. Tottendale (the crazy mother). So I audition and get a call back. The callbacks are from 3 to 5 and around 4:45, I was still waiting to be called. FINALLY, Ms.Merkel (my director) calls me up and gives me the *sides (*the lines from a scene that we use for the audition) and the song for Mrs.Tottendale. As I was going over my lines and such,  Ms.Merkel calls me up and says, “OK, so we don’t have enough time to get you in the audition room, but I didn’t want you to leave disappointed because you didn’t get called in, but just so you know,  I picked this musical because I knew you could to the part. So, you’re Mrs.Tottendale, OKAY?”

That's Georgia Engel (from Mary Tyler Moore) playing MY PART!!!!!

That's Georgia Engel (from Mary Tyler Moore) playing MY PART!!!!!

Is that ok?


My first part in 3 years?

Yup, it’s ok.

Just fine.

But then she said this: “Ok, you can’t tell anyone till we put up the list, ok? That’s in, 2 weeks. See you tomorrow!” OMG. I couldn’t tell any of my friends for 2 weeks?

Okay. So I didn’t tell.

And then I could.

And now I told you.


Hope you liked my story!

The teen.

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6 Responses to The Daily Dose (December 1, 2011)

  1. nkirchmar says:

    AWESOME Charlotte!! Break a leg! I sure wish I could be in NYC to see the show.
    Thanks for letting "The Teen" do guest spots Sharon! I love hearing her stories. NOW, I know (good Mom that you are) you will be taping the show, or at least Charlotte's song… I will expect that in a blog one day!! Love to you all!

  2. Ruth says:

    Congratulations, Charlotte! You will have a great time!!!

  3. Joelynn says:

    Congratulations Charlotte!!

  4. Georga Osborne says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, CHARLOTTE!!! Can we come to see your show?!!

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Congrats Charlotte! What fun that will be! Now I will have to go listen to my OBC cd and think of you in that part! (And sorry about that ride to Gbg. I know what an endurance test it is…)

  6. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Charlotte!! I wish I could come see the show. We're contemplating doing it in the school where I work. We cast like your director sometimes — don't want to tell someone they don't have to audition because they have the part already, but we sometimes choose a play where we have the perfect student for a part. You've been unknowingly auditioning for a while.

    Can't wait to see the comments and videos as rehearsals progress.

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