The Daily Dose (November 17, 2011) A Message From Charlotte

Happy Thursday.  Again, I’ve decided to skip posting today.  There’s something about getting to Thursday that I’m just pooped and need a break before tackling that big Friday cliffhanger blogisode.  Did you all start our new story, One Day More?  Get caught up, because blogisode two is hitting the airways tomorrow.  Until then, I have my pinch hitter, Ms. Charlotte Meffe, who jumped at the chance to blog again.  I have no idea what she is going to write about, but I deny anything she might say about me and I do not approve any photos.  Here’s Charlotte!

My view right now

My view right now

Hi everyone! We are going down memory lane… this blog is brought to you by the game, “The Settlers of Catan” which I am playing now with my father who is sick. (All together now… awwww) Have you heard of the game? No? Any hands? Really? The BEST GAME IN THE WORLD?? Look it up. It seems complicated at first, but it’s really easy when you get to know it and beat your father.

Moving on! My mom wanted me to talk about high schools, (blah blah boring, blah blah blah maybe not to you, but to me… 100%) I’m not going to talk about that. Lets go on a mini vacation to North Carolina!

Not this summer, but the summer before that, we went to the North Carolina Shore! We wanted to go as a family vacation (which is hard to do with auditions and school and everything else in life) and meet up with friends along the way. The first thing I saw, we were across the street from a mini theme park. With go-carts and a golf course and a train thing. The next thing I saw was a house infested by ants. And then… (the shore?) a puking baby! Yes, Beatrix, age 2, was having a famous 103 high temperature on a vacation. We were stuck in the house for a few days, but we made the most out of it. We made big trips to Ben and Jerry’s and when I could drag my dad to the shore, we went and had a blast.

The culprit

The culprit


(My mother is rolling her eyes at me)

Did we all know my mother’s fear of sharks?  Yes. She won’t even get into a stream or a fresh water pond.  Because of sharks. WOW.


When Beatrix was finally starting to get better, daddy fell down with the bug. So, we have now: a sick 2 year old, a sick father, a shark phobia mother and a bored 12 year old. I did everything I could and it was still fun! But after a while the beach, tv and eating everyday got to me. So, the last day of our stay in North Carolina, my mother sent me across the street with a free all day pass. With Go-carts. I was soo ready to kick a guy’s



butt at go-carts. And I did. About 100 times. And then a happy, sick, content family goes back to the NYC.

Tomorrow is the second blog post! I have never heard this story and for once, I’M NOT IN IT! Happy and sad.

See you tomorrow!

The teen

( To read the next blogisode in “One Day More” go here)



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9 Responses to The Daily Dose (November 17, 2011) A Message From Charlotte

  1. Nick says:

    No matter who writes this blog, it just makes my day. Wheatley, I love that you have allowed Charlotte to guest blog on occasion… maybe make Thursday's her day to tell us how things are going around town and the house, playpark etc. That gives you the day to prep for Friday (and also allows Charlotte to post some of those brave Wheatley Mouse Stories). You could call her reports Confessions from a ^not Teenage Drama Queen… The title did not come out the way it should look, but i can't use all the coolio graphics when posting comments. Oh and Charlotte… I do agree, SoC is among on of the best games in the world… I do like Pente, which is an old school game played with marbles and sort of a medieval looking mat. A lot of fun! cross between SoC, Risk, and any other sort of strategy game. OH MAN … Here I am taking up your time, when I have some things to do before I write my blog for today!! Anyway, Great Thursday to you all!! Love Nick

  2. Dave R says:

    I love Settlers of Catan! It is awesome. If you love that game, talk your parents into buying Ticket to Ride. You'll love it too.

  3. Ruth says:

    Keep it up, Charlotte!

  4. Han Ham says:

    Settlers of Catan!!! Best game ever!! You just gave me a Christmas present idea for my boyfriend! Thanks Charlottle!!!!

  5. Anne Marie says:

    I agree with Nick. Make Thursdays into Charlotte Thursdays! I love hearing her own take on things. Charlotte rocks.

  6. Joelynn says:

    This is an amazing blog, I came over from Dan's SDL blog last week and I've been so captivated by all the blogisodes until now that I haven't commented. I just love love love your style of writing (all the funny jokes, the literature references, the pictures, just everything) and how distracted you are sometimes. I'm kind of sad now that I've caught up because I didn't mind the cliffhangers when I was clicking, "Click here to read the next one right NOW" I will have to wait like the rest of you now. Charlotte, you are smart and witty, and it's no wonder where you get it from! Keep up the good work!! P.S. I know what the SoC are and I love that game ~ I just don't have anybody to play it with.

    • sswheatley says:

      Thanks for coming and reading, Joelynn! You might have one more to read before Monday, I just posted blogisode two (but I hadn't linked it to Charlotte's blog yet–I just did it). Check and see so you can be truly caught up. See you back here Monday!

  7. Joelynn says:

    Thanks, I finished reading blogisode 2 before coming to check the comments here haha. I have the RSS feed to the reader on my phone :)

  8. Jen DeRosa says:

    i'm a fan of the charlotte cameo blogging!!!! good job!!!!

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