The Daily Dose (November 10, 2011) A Guest Blogger!

The Author

The Author

Happy Thursday!  I’d decided to take a day off and not publish a Daily Dose, but I have been overruled.  Charlotte Meffe feels that our adventures tonight are too magnificent not to share.  So I said, “Okay kid, you want to tell this story?  You do it.” Therefore, we have our very first guest blogger today, Ms. Charlotte Schierloh Meffe.  Ms. Meffe is a native of Manhattan and has survived 13 years as daughter to the crazy woman who writes this blog.  The management takes no responsibility for the content of this post (except that I grew her in my womb.)  Enjoy.

Hi everyone!!! It’s Charlotte. Let me tell you what I actually said. “I am writing your blog and you are not going to stop me.” Welcome. The whole reason I wanted to write this blog is so that I can tell you the 13 year old story of what happened this evening after school.

So, my mother and I go out to look at a possible high school for me, which is out in the middle of Queens, like almost to Long Island, and we start out by getting a little messed up by the confusing signs and highways. I’m nervous about homework and getting home so I can start it (Nerdy, I know). We get there and there is a line to go in that starts at the front door of the school, loops around the block and down a couple blocks more till it end. This line is massive. I start thinking that we might not go, and I’m cool with that. Frankly, I didn’t even know we were going till we were on the highway heading towards Long Island.

Anyway, there were cars everywhere, and it was dark. All the parking spaces were taken and we were running out of

Heat on full blast.

Heat on full blast.

steam. So, after an hour of looking for a spot, we decide to ditch the whole idea and head home. But, Alice (our GPS on my mom’s phone) didn’t like us and wasn’t working.  I would try to put in an address and it wouldn’t process it. By now, I was a little hungry and worried about getting home. I also needed to get a book for Humanities class, and that was a disaster. While we were driving, I kept thinking, I have to get this book. But, I didn’t want to put more pressure on my mom so I keep quiet until now. I burst out and tell her because I can tell that it is going to be as stressful as it was getting here to get home. Anyway, we were lost, I needed this book and homework done.  When I finally told her I needed this book tonight, she said, “Oh thank God because now we have a good reason to get out of here.”  I was so relieved.  We started to head towards Barnes and Noble…so we thought.

Soon, we find ourselves closer to Long Island than we want, and, because there is always a twist, our car decides to break down, AKA, it starts to over heat. We know how to deal with a overheated car–you turn the heat on full blast and roll down all the windows–but the little arrow that shows you how hot your car is, is past the red zone. Then, we start freaking out. I can feel my body’s pulse go up and my mom’s hair looks like it could stand up and walk away if it wanted to. With the heat going full blast, we are hot on one side of the car and cold on the other. Perfect. My mom calls my grandfather, Poppy. First he tells us that we have to avoid stopping the car at all, because that would make it over heat more, and my mom was like, how do I not stop in rush hour traffic in New York City?  Then he tells us that every time we stop, we have to turn off the car if we ever want to get home. We try that, but after the 2nd time, the car starts to shake and yell at us when we start it. This isn’t good.

The management of this blog does not give photo approval for this horrendous picture.

The management of this blog does not give photo approval for this horrendous picture.

I see my mom start to start touching her face (weird I know) which means shes nervous and scared. Then she starts to play with her hair. These are bad signs. I notice her looking at the porn shops and drug shops. Now, I get it. We are in the worse place in Queens we could go to. Ugh. I start to get scared, like that feeling when you want to curl up and cry. That feeling. Ever since I was a little kid, I could read and feel others emotions. My mom was feeling the same way as me. This is not good.

Now, cut to us praying for no traffic, my mom swinging U turns to avoid stopping the car at red lights and us trying to get Alice the GPS to work. Then… a miracle! Alice works and we are zooming down an open highway with the little arrow on the heat sensor going down. A feeling like a waterfall just swept away my bad thoughts and I can see my mom starting to relax as well. Things are better, we are home, and our car is in the shop, waiting for a new adventure.


By the way, I don’t think I’m going to go to the Townsend Harris School in Queens.

Nope.  I don’t think so at all.


The teenaged interpreter.


(Blogisode Twenty Two appears tomorrow!  Same time, same place!)





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6 Responses to The Daily Dose (November 10, 2011) A Guest Blogger!

  1. Mark Motz says:

    Like mother, like daughter. Well done, Miss Meffe.

  2. Nick says:

    Miss,Dr, Charlotte Meffe… You are an awesome guest blogger and I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I too, have been in that same situation when I was on tour with your Mom in Les Miserables. The only bad thing, was that I was in a Ryder Truck in the middle of the night driving from one city to the next. And, this was before cell phones were in everyone's pocket. I think I was in the middle of Nebraska, 50 miles to anytown or civilization for that matter. The same thing happened as well, a miracle and the needle went down and I exchanged the truck in Omaha.

    Anyway, thank you for the fun story and the un-official photo of "Mom"!!! You rock!!

  3. Anne Marie says:

    I demand a regular blog by Charlotte Meffe!!!! At the very least, I would like to see a weekly Point/Counterpoint entry by Ms Meffe and her mother!

  4. Tammy Hollingsworth says:

    Great Job Charlotte! I have been waiting all day to read this.

  5. david cleveland says:

    Yay Charlotte. You are a gifted and beautiful writer. I was WITH you in that car!!! Reminds me when I broke down in the Lincoln Tunnel. Then I broke down in the Holland Tunnel. Then I broke down on the tri-borough bridge. Then I got 20 parking tickets. Then I moved to New hampshire…………

  6. Barb Winfield says:

    My favorite line? "…and my mom’s hair looks like it could stand up and walk away if it wanted to." Brilliant! What a gifted writer you are, Charlotte! I hope you'll be a regular contributor to the blog.

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