I Wish I Could Go Back To College (Blogisode Nineteen)

Happy Wednesday!

I'm a freak

I'm a freak

Oh, no.  It’s 11pm and I’m not so in the mood to blog.  I have an ick headache and my feet are cold and winter is looming and I’m cranky and maybe PMS-y.


Let’s list things that are going well.  I am still on Weight Watchers at day five.  It’s not bad, y’all. It’s really kind of….unobtrusive…if that makes any sense.  I hate to be on a diet that feels restrictive and this doesn’t.  You just have to watch the sizes of things.  I’m much thinner.  I’m a size two in 5 days.  It’s a miracle.  I’m winning.

I’m lying.

Best news of the day, I still have SIX points left today so I can whip up something good when I’m done with this and eat late night guilt free.  Big Mac meals are probably about 6 points right?  Super sized with a diet coke?  I am really good at counting points.

Speaking of late nights, I am happy to report that after watching Parenthood until late in the night for many weeks



now–watching it like it’s my full time, late shift job–I am caught up to the current season.  Is anyone else obsessed with this show?  I love it.  I used to be into Brothers and Sisters but the writing got terrible.  Horrid.  I stuck with it only because I love Sally Field, but she couldn’t save it.  Jacob kept telling me to watch Parenthood and I didn’t, I thought it seemed dumb, but as it turns out, it’s smart and funny and real.  End of commercial.  I was not paid for that, but if the NBC execs would like to add me to the cast or the writing staff that would be a-ok with me.

So let me tell you what just happened.  I wrote a big long story about something else, and I decided to make it it’s own post that will appear tomorrow as a Daily Dose.  This means that I have written a bunch of stuff, but it’s not appearing here, so let’s see how much steam I have left to write today’s blogisode.

Okay.  You know the old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words?  We left off with me trying to escape the awards ceremony.  Here’s what happened.

Ummm.  I won.  Good thing I stayed.  I, uh, won. Good thing I stayed.


I was pretty surprised, I have to say, but I went and got my award gratefully.  They took a picture of me with Dr. Blumberg and the head of the Society–a picture I’ve never seen–but can probably be found if you Google image “inappropriate jean skirt”.

Can you believe I won?  For “best historical research”, no less.

Never one to mess around while unemployed, I wanted to know how much that prize was for.  I was hoping it would be a check presented that day.  Or cash.  At award ceremonies I accept cash, check, Visa, Paypal, or even just a tiara and a sash that says, “Good Student”.



I asked every one what the prize amount was.  My sister thought it would be at least $500.  Rob thought it would be $25.  My friend Lisa couldn’t stop guessing.  It got to be a huge game.  Was it, take your family to Disneyworld money or was it, take your family to Chipotle money?  A few days later, I got an e-mail, in the subject line was “Cash Award”.

This was it!  I was finally going to know!  I put Lisa on speed dial and opened it.  It said,   “Please send us an address where your check can be forwarded.”

That’s it.  No amount.  I was dying.

About a week later, I get a package.  FROM the Fellow’s Society!!!!  In it?  The award!  With a note!  “Your check is on it’s way!”

Finally, about two weeks later, I get a check in the mail.  At this point, we’d built it up so much for fun, that I was actually nervous.  I stuck it on the table and waited.  I couldn’t open it alone, we’d come so far at this point.  What if we needed to book flights?  This was an event for the whole family.

When Rob got home, I handed it to him and said, “You do it.  I can’t.”

So he opened it.

This was the shortest blogisode ever, but it is 1:17 am and I still have 6 points to eat, so I’m signing off.  Only the college story on Friday, nothing else!  We’ll get right to it, I promise!

(For the next post, a Daily Dose go here.)




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