The Daily Dose (October 25, 2011)

Good Morning!

I spent hours fixing the subscriber problem (which should be good), and…I started a new project!  For today’s Daily Dose, hop over to the brand spanking new “Videos” page and watch some My Own Space TV.  It’s a lot like OWN but without Oprah and Rosie and Dr. Phil, and with better ratings.  Go right here to have a look, and hey!  If you like it, share it on your facebook wall!

If you’d like to see my new Youtube channel called My Own Space TV, go here.  You can subscribe to it and it’s really easy to share individual videos, so vote and post your favorites.

I might have plans for vlogs and podcasts in the future…maybe even with guest stars….so get ready.  Maybe I’ll get Dr. Barbara Blumberg to do an interview.  We’re getting fancy, kids.

P.S. If you think this is blatant exploitation of my children and my cat and my fear of mice, you are correct.  Blame my friends who have been on my case to make these award winning films* public. (And by award winning, I mean my friends laughed and they are a tough crowd).

P.P.S.  I hope everyone is well.

P.P.P.S.  We’ll have a new blogisode tomorrow!



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One Response to The Daily Dose (October 25, 2011)

  1. Lisa Erb says:

    Hi Sharon! Still reading and loving your blog! :) Seems to me we have some things in common (even though I’m way older than you)…the dress that wouldn’t zip, Lindsay, and now a mouse in the house. I had a blog for a few years and then I retired a year and a half ago and suddenly I lost my inspiration. I plan to start up again…..tomorrow, but in the mean time I thought you might enjoy reading this post I did a few years ago about the country mice in our house one night. And yes, that’s mice…plural.

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