The Daily Dose October 17, 2011

Hello!  Today is Tuesday and we will have a Daily Dose only.  No blogisode.  Tomorrow we get back to our college story.  To catch up on your reading before tomorrow go here.  There might be a quiz now that I know how to put in that handy-dandy poll option.  I suggest studying.

Welcome to My Own Space, which is now hosted by HostGator and should be running

Internet Troubles? Call 1800 AL GORE (After all, he invented it).

smoothly.  I know so much more about hosting platforms and shared servers and VPS and DPS and ABC and LMNOP than I ever thought my little non-technical brain could comprehend.  If you have any questions about it, ask someone else (maybe Al Gore).  Because here’s what I learned–the more you learn, the more you realize you have absolutely no idea what the Internet is.  Just back away and nod and smile like you have a clue.  Honestly, my first sentence every time I call tech support (which was about 682 times this week) was, “Let me start by saying that I have no idea what I am talking about.”  I find it’s best to lower the bar as far as possible.  I think that’s good advice all around.  I like to tell people I’m 63 just so they think I look great for my age.  That sort of thing.

So I was on the phone with my Mom yesterday (which is rare because usually we just communicate via the comments section of this blog) and she said, “Everyone is asking me what your job is.  Cathy and Tammy both asked me what you mean when you say you are going to work.  Does it mean you are blogging?”  I told her I would blog about it because that way everyone will know and she won’t have to field any more questions.  Ready Mom?

Me with Rosie's Theater Kids

When I say I am “going to work” I am talking about a teaching job I have on Mondays.  I recently started teaching “Acting the Song IV” at the Professional Performing Arts High School in Manhattan.  This is a public performing arts school, not to be confused with LaGuardia High School which is also a performing arts school and more famous because it is usually associated with the movie musical Fame.  Anyhoo, my job is to teach the seniors to act a song and start preparing them for auditions for college.  One thing that makes the job a little more fun than a usual teaching job (besides teaching musical theater and not math) is where I teach.  I am not at the school on 48th street, but instead at Rosie O’Donnell’s theater school the Maravel Arts Center on 45th Street.  Fun fact:  I am on the advisory board of Rosie’s Theater Kids.  Another Fun Fact:  Professional Performing Arts School is different than Rosie’s after school program, but some classes happen in the same building.  Confused?  Me too.  I just show up and teach kids and it makes me happy.  So that’s what I’m doing when I say I’m “going to work”, Ma.

P.S.  Have you watched Rosie’s new show on OWN (Oprah’s network)?   It’s good and funny.  This reviewer gives her a thumbs up, and it’s getting better and better.

Speaking of good things, tonight I went to see Floyd Collins at Pace University.  It wasn’t a full performance, it was one of their tech rehearsals (remember we talked about tech

The real Floyd

rehearsals during the Pancreas series) but the only time I could see it.  It is a great show with music by the amazingly talented Adam Guettel (grandson of Richard Rodgers).  It tells the story of Floyd Collins, the greatest caver ever known.  Adam says that as he wrote the musical to explore what it is like to reach for greatness and not succeed.  Depressing?  Yes.  Your typical musical?  No.  Sister Wife Amy Rogers directs and Rupert McFee (also known as Rob Meffe) music directs.  It opens Wednesday at Pace.  Go see it if you can…good, good work is being done.  And this concludes the commercial for Pace University’s Musical Theater Department.

Fun Fact:  The reason I had to see a dress rehearsal and not a performance is because I have a trip this week!  I am heading down to Jacksonville, Florida tomorrow to sing with the Jacksonville Symphony.  More on that tomorrow, along with an all new blogisode!




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  1. Nick Wyman says:

    I love that the well-known Scottish golfer and poker player Rupert McFee has made his first appearance in the Wheatley World Blogisphere.

  2. nick says:

    al gore never said he invented the internet, however he did help to create its infrastructure.

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